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Did you know prison has a recognisable fashion?

Like Nike or Tommy Hilfiger, prison has a brand. 
And, this brand inspires discrimination and injustice.

Light and Shadow


Every prisoner is released with a chain bag to carry their few belongings. 


And while these men and women have served their time, the Chain bag is a stark reminder of a criminal past, a recognisable badge of shame that can hinder any chance of reintegration.


7More intercept prisoners at the moment of release and exchange any prison branded accessories for necessities that do not carry shame.

Subtle Shapes Transparent
When you donate to 7More we are able to take a chain bag out of circulation and provide the formally incarcerated with a chance to reintegrate and contribute to society.

Join The ExChange on a monthly basis, or with a one-time gift.


Supporting reintegration and reducing recidivism for a safer, more just society.


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