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About 7More

Giving everyone a fair chance.

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"7More is a program that gives ex-offenders a fair chance to get back in society by engaging with them the very moment they get released out of jail."

John Legend


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We are paying billions of dollars every year for a system that does not create safer streets and healthier communities. 

7More founders Josh and Debs Walker have worked in low-income areas in Houston, TX with the homeless and addicted since 2005.


Through this work they encountered many formerly incarcerated men and women. Their harrowing stories revealed a breakdown in support that begins the moment they leave prison, and hinders their chances of reintegration. 


Since 2016, the 7More team has connected with over 20,000 men and women at the prison gate, resourcing their reintegration and giving them “a fair chance to get back in society.” 

$20 per month supports 12 prisoners a year on their journey to reintegration.

Support Us

100% of your donations go to ensuring men and women never return to prison.


Supporting reintegration and reducing recidivism for a safer, more just society.


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