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Intercepting prisoners at the moment of release

Supporting their reintegration in society.

 Support Reintegration

Reduce Recidivism

End Mass Incarceration

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100% of your donations go to ensuring men and women never return to prison.

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Everyday, thousands of men and women are released from prison in the US.
Few are met by family or friend at the gate.
Few avail of post prison services.
Many will re-offend and return to some form of incarceration.


We meet prisoners at the gate, the moment they are released.
We provide them with reintegration support, food and hygiene, and a brand exchange. 
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Every prisoner is released with a chain bag to carry their few belongings. 

The chain bag is a stark reminder of a criminal past that is instantly recognisable.

To reduce discrimination, 7More intercepts prisoners at the moment of release and offer a brand exchange. 


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Why we intercept the moment a prisoner is released

I recently volunteered with 7More at the prison gate, and what struck me was how vulnerable the men were coming out of prison. You could sense their fear and uncertainty at prospect of facing their freedom.

$20 per month supports 12 prisoners a year on their journey to reintegration.

Support Us

100% of your donations go to ensuring men and women never return to prison.

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America's social problems are most evident in our correctional system.

Poverty, discrimination, addiction, racism, violence, homelessness, fatherlessness... 

However, studies show the system has failed to reduce crime in the US.


7More supports prison reform.

7More have connected with over 20,000 men and women on their journey of reintegration.
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7More provides:

For men and women being released, the dominant emotion is one of fear and shame. For those without family or friends, 7More seeks to be the first point of contact, free from judgement, kind and helpful.

The journey from the prison gate to post prison services and reintegration in society can be difficult, and many men and women do not make it. 7More intercepts the moment a prisoner is released to support and resource this journey.

The processing of prisoners on the day of their release can take many hours, often they are released hungry and tired. 7More meet the formerly incarcerated with food and a hygiene pack to freshen up. 

It is easy to spot someone just released from prison, because prison has a brand. This brand inspires judgement and discrimination. At the prison gate, 7More offers a brand exchange. We exchange prison issued accessories (like the chain bag) for neutral branded accessories.

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